Information and tips about bitter melons

What is Bitter Melon?

bitter-melon-1The fruit known by the name of bitter melon is known in most nations as bitter gourd. Further, another name by which it is referred is Karela. Karela was used by the Indians. Bitter melon applies to the fruit’s English derived name. Other names for bitter melon include Goya—Japanese name for it; and Ampalaya which is the term used in the Islands of the Philipines. The scientific equivalent of the fruit’s name is Momordica Charantia.

The origin of bitter melon

bitter-melon-The fruit started out in India and was taken to China during the period of the 1300s. The fruit in India is not as large as its equivalent in China. The fruit found in China is lengthier; and its wart like face is much smoother. Since the fruit is a gourd most individuals technically believe it is a vegetable: however, this is incorrect since gourds are fruits. The fruit of bitter melon grows abundantly in Africa, the Caribbean, and Asia.

From bitter to sweet tasting

The derivative of the name is associated with its bitter taste. It seems insignificant though, that the fruit is bitter, since most persons like it well enough to even create various recipes around it. Most persons, then, once taking it in, quickly forget about the association of the fruit tasting bitter. In fact, some of the recipes created for it; take the fruit from tasting bitter to a sweet taste sensation. The fruit, when shifted from one which is bitter to sweet is appealing to children and adults alike.